Sunday, September 23, 2007

2007 East Zone Color Awards

Fri 21st Nov was the East Zone Colors Award at Pasir Ris Crest Sec School.
We saw some outstanding recepients from Victoria School head onstage to recieve their well-deserved awards. Our C-Div Hockey boys, B-Div Cricket Team as well as B & C Div Track and Field and X-Country Boys.

This is your moment boys, take it with pride because you have done us all proud!

This year, I was filled with a strong sense of pride as I watched Fung Jin Jie get his second colors award. Jinjie has grown from the aloof and mischievous boy that constantly got scolded by me into a more motivated team player. Keep it up Jinjie! I've heard from many teachers that they see a strong improvement in your school work as well as in the effort you put in.
This year, Jinjie is joined by the Tan brothers: Tan Xiang Tian and Tan Xiang Ting (whom we call TXT and txt). Despite a sudden transfer to VS only in Sec 3, Xiang Tian has adapted well and his progress in school and in CCA representation shows the evidence of his hard work.
Xiang Ting, our most mischievous member so far, has done well for us in the Interschool Competitions as well as winning Singapore a Gold in the 4th Asian Junior Wushu Competitions.

Remember that every success today is the result of hardwork, not only from ourselves but from those who have provided for us.
VS, we promised you that we will do even better next year!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A mxi of East and West: Chinese Accupunture and Dj Mixing

Hi guys, as many of you know, part of my journey in martial arts also meant that I did quite a bit of TCM. Massage and accupunture were 2 arts I learnt in the old apprentice way.
It's always been quite a serious thing and I'm glad that I've been able to put some of it into practice with you guys when you're injured. But the follow video clip, takes the cake.

It's kinda funny and absolutely horrifying in its own way.
You guys pray and hope the PE office doesn't catch fire the next time I'm giving your fellas therapy.

The next clip shows 2 young Japanese kids Sara and Ryusei doing a mean turn-table DJ set.

Kind of interesting to see how Asian kids have taken to a "Western" adult/teen phenomenon and turned it into their verious of play time.
Cool right :>

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chemistry Powerpoint Slides for Sec 3 Revision

As part of their certification and endorsement process, Sec 3 Camp Instructors are asked to determine an area in which they can make an individual, personal contribution to the school.

Gavin Chandra from 3C decided to contribute to the school by preparing Powerpoint slides to help fellow Sec 3 students revise for Chemistry.

I have hosted the slides here for all to use and download:
1)Elements,Compounds & Mixtures
2)Oxidation and Reduction
3)The Mol

Kudos to Gavin for a job well-done!

This is a Sec 1 pic of him- so cute right :P

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Supper Treat for VS Boarders

Sometime back, I promised the VS ASEAN and A*Star Scholars are supper treat if all their rooms had a cleanliness rating of A and above.

True to form, our Victorians showed that they were indeed a cut above the rest and so we had a sumptous satay supper on Tue night.
I have never seen so much satay consumed in so little a time :)