Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Teachers Day

Today, we celebrated Teacher's Day in VS

Of the many performances, the most outstanding one was the Thriller tribute by the Prefects.

It was absolutely hilarious.

I was waiting happily at the end of this clip to film so of our teachers that kena sabo to come up on stage; but life is unpredictable. You know why there is no video of that? Cos I also got chio-ed by the boys to go up.

Despite my protests that the only form of dancing I knew was Lion Dancing, the boys persisted and I ended up on stage clowning around.

But hey, life is short; let's enjoy ourselves while we can.
So altough I gamely strutted around and flail my limbs about enthusiastically, you'll find no clips of me dancing on stage-- (if any of you boys snuck out your handphones to capture my embarrassing moment, for the love of god and all that is good, please delete it)

But kudos to Mr David Lee and Mr Daniel Tan- Man, they Rock the house cos they got the moves!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

50th National Inter-School Chess Championship

Just got an update by one of our parents for the 50th National Inter-School Chess Championship which Victoria School participated in yesterday.
Amongst the participants from VS was Nicholas Lee, one of our ASEAN scholars from Malaysia

Nicholas and team played in the Secondary Open category and won the East Zone championship as well as tied 4-6th placing with Yishun and Nanyang Girls with 15 points each. This is very good placing given that they were ahead of RI Team 2 and RGS who are strong teams.

Here we see our boys competing hard:
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Compared to being in 12th position last year, we have made a marked improvement this year!
Well done boys!
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Friday, August 28, 2009

School's Sports Council Presentation of 50th Anniversary 'Service Awards'

Today, Mr Lee Boon Kee HOD-PE of VS PE Dept and Mr Sng Yiam Kwee Sports Secretary of the VS PE Dept received their service awards from the Singapore Schools Sports Council

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We were there to cheer them on (and dig into the sumptuous food !)
Well done Mr Lee and Mr Sng

Monday, August 24, 2009

VS C-Div Soccer 2009

Like their B-Div seniors, the C-Div boys showed what they were made of by meeting our esteemed rivals, Sports School in the C-Div soccer finals.

Having had training outside school, I rushed down late to realise that we were trailing 1-0. However, within minutes after I arrived, VS had scored the equalising goal. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, Sports School took the Championship with 3-1.

Here are some clips from the game:

Although, the announcer attempted to comfort the VS boys by mentioning that 'at least we managed to score one goal'; I would like to remind the VS boys that we all know that you can take them. Put the pressure on and next year come back stronger- never underestimate your opponent but neither be intimidated by mere dint of their reputation.

Strength lies in perserverence and in the belief that you are something more.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Future for VS

Sure many of you saw the article in the Straits Times and Today Online
Here is the link to the article

Well, many thoughts and voices are up and about on the net. However, here is a little light of the issue shed by a VS alumni and fellow educator that I believe sheds a new insight on the issue. Beyond the issues of the Integrated Program, the Co-ed issue, or even merger; his view on what it means to teach and educate in Victoria School (or for that matter, any school) strike a chord deep within me.

So here it is from fjmv, Victorian- Class of 83
My Dearest Fellow Victorians,

I am not good in my English Language but I shall attempt to write something from my heart. This is more meant for those who walked through both VS and VJC. For my fellow VJ friends who had not come from VS, feel free to also read it. Perhaps it may give you some insights into why VS students fight so passionately about this issue. Let me begin….

Remember a day in 1983, we were told that there will be a college soon to be named after Victoria. Recall the joy and jubilation in our hearts….the hearts of young 16 year old boys who knew nothing much about the world outside but all eager and ready to do what it takes to keep another Victorian flag unfurled (the VJC flag that is).

Without much hesitation, almost all of us chose VJC as our first choice. At that point of time, we did not know if VJC would ever emerge as a top college. The thoughts in our minds then were not whether in future, we could name a top college in our resume or whether we belong to an elite school that rule or own Singapore. All we wanted was to be able to help her grow because she carries the name we loved.

Have you ever thought why we had behaved so ‘senselessly’ during that time? Why had we not gone to the top colleges at that time so that we can be associated with the elite of Singapore?

What had Victoria done to brainwash us to do such a ‘senseless’ act…that is to go to a totally new college…with no reputation to begin with?

Did Victoria taught us to be the top academically…otherwise we do not deserved to be a Victorian? Did Victoria insisted that we must obtain GOLD in uniformed groups, sports and the aesthetics…..otherwise we do not deserved to be a Victorian? I would like to believe not. We had behaved so ‘senselessly’ because we came from a school who loved us no matter what, spur us on even when we fail, reprimand us when we do wrong, teach us to grow up with a heart.

We had given two of the best years of our lives to help build a NAME we believed in, a college which we hope to pass on to our fellow junior Victorians. Many Victorians, who came before us (but did not have the privilege to be VJ students), also contributed much time and money to the college for the same believe. But each year, as the cut-off point for VJ goes lower and lower, fewer and fewer VS students qualify for VJC (about 100 out of 320 a year). Imagine you are a true-blooded VS student who worked hard, wished to continue to keep the Victoria flag unfurled but could not.

Have we given birth to a college, only to have it squashed the ‘mother’ to death?
Is being the best and the most renowned the only way to keep the Victorian flag unfurled?

Do spare a minute to reflect on the poem written by Prof Edwin Thumboo (see your yearbook), which we all loved so much. Think of what drove him to write these words:

‘We did not returned to you mother, because we never really left’

Would we not love Victoria if she had dropped from 10th position to 50th position in ranking? No way, we would still love her because she first loved us!


From a humble VS boy of the 1983 batch, pioneer VJ student,
Who did not make it big in society today
But believed that Victoria loved him nonetheless

Look deep enough beyond the murky surface and we can see that our Victorian here has pierced the veil of ambiguity and hit the nail right on the spot.

In short, we are not mere Sons of Victoria
We are Suns of Victoria because we shine, now and always for her.

Nil Sine Labore

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Playing Surface!

The construction of our Indoor Sports Hall has created a new playing space for students during CCA and PE. Additionally, the area underneath the hall will be utilised for both recreational sports (i.e. basketball hoops will be constructed there) as well as for CCA and PE.

One concerned we had was whether rain or inclement weather would make the area slippery. However, with the enterprising efforts of our PE Teacher, Mr Amir; we have been able to minimise the issue with this problem. Through his own endeavour and resources, Mr Amir managed to source for plastic tiling to ensure that the playing area maintains a good grip for players even in wet weather

So over our National Day long weekend, Mr Amir and the floorball boys got together to do their 'lego land' assembling project:


After those days of hard work, we finally see our completed tiled floor. This will allow floorball and basketball players all-weather traction during their games play!


Kudos to Mr Amir for furnishing our Victorians with the enhanced playing surface!
Serious PE boleh!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

World Science Festival: Bobby McFerrin & Pentatonic Scales

I'm sure everybody's heard the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.

It's infectious, light-hearted and carefree :) The entire song is actually done in its entirety by Bobby's voice- using his own voice, he layered over to create the various effects.

In the following clip, he shows how science and art are not that seperate after all.

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.