Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Playing Surface!

The construction of our Indoor Sports Hall has created a new playing space for students during CCA and PE. Additionally, the area underneath the hall will be utilised for both recreational sports (i.e. basketball hoops will be constructed there) as well as for CCA and PE.

One concerned we had was whether rain or inclement weather would make the area slippery. However, with the enterprising efforts of our PE Teacher, Mr Amir; we have been able to minimise the issue with this problem. Through his own endeavour and resources, Mr Amir managed to source for plastic tiling to ensure that the playing area maintains a good grip for players even in wet weather

So over our National Day long weekend, Mr Amir and the floorball boys got together to do their 'lego land' assembling project:


After those days of hard work, we finally see our completed tiled floor. This will allow floorball and basketball players all-weather traction during their games play!


Kudos to Mr Amir for furnishing our Victorians with the enhanced playing surface!
Serious PE boleh!

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