Friday, October 31, 2008

Veloci-T 2009 FAQs

Here we can see our Black Shirt candidates brain-storming with me for the activities during the camp.
So you can see us all hard at work here!


All Sec 2s to hand in passports on Mon 3rd Nov 11.00am onwards

Sec 3s to meet on Wed 5th Nov at 2.00pm and Fri 7th Nov at 2.00pm

All Sec 2s and Sec 3s to meet on Sat8th Nov at 1.30pm

Packing list is available for download here:
Packing List - Share on Ovi
Alternatively, download packing list by going to our LMS and looking under the Common Tag and looking for Course Materials

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sir, can I have more soup, pluuuueeeez....

Yup, the O-level physics paper was a tough one and I think many of our Sec 4 scholars were stumped by some of the questions.
But not to worry, we will rescue you and rejuvenatve your brain cells.

Using a concoction of 'secret' chinese herbs and the wholesome goodness of 2 whole chickens, we served the ASEAN and A*Star scholars some home made herbal soup yesterday. I know they've been tired, stressed and spending long hours studying, so here's a 'powerful' rememdy to pep everybody up!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What I do during the weekends ...

Every wondered what PE teachers do during the weekends?

Well, we get ourselves re-certified and attend refresher courses so that when we conduct camps for you guys, you know you can be in safe hands.

Today was the MOE Outdoor Adventure Centre Facilities Instructor Refresher Course.

Yup, just in time for Veloci-T 2008.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What do You believe in?

"What do you believe in? "

How much are the memories of your youth worth to you?
What would you give to relive the best days of your life?
What makes life special to you?
What do you look forward to when you wake up day after day?

There are 2 people in VS who couldn't be more different:
One is a Maths teacher who's a fantastic runner; the other is a pe teacher who sucks at running.
One used to work as a life-guard at Sentosa; the other used to hang around China-town late at night.
One spends his entire day in school; the other spends his entire night in the hostel

But they shared a common belief that they could do something more for those they taught.
They shared a common purpose in believing that they could make a difference.
They left school each day, each going their own way, yet believing that tomorrow would be a better day for all of us.

There are 2 people in VS who couldn't be more different and yet ended up doing the same thing.
There are 2 people in VS who couldn't be more different and yet ended up believing in the same things.

They believe that it is possible to change coal into diamonds.

They believe that it is possible to turn water into wine.

They believe that we can all be something more.

They believe.......... in YOU

Thursday, October 23, 2008

VS Roadshow @ Gong Shang Primary School

Yesterday, VS did our second Roadshow for Primary Schools.
This time it was at Gong Shang Primary.

The primary school students were enthusiastic and really keen to find out more about VS.
Here we see Mr Amir engaging the boys in discussion about their interests and telling them more about Victoria School

It was with a strong feeling of pride as I watched our boys in the Regional Studies Program (RSP) take charge and front the questions from parents and primary 6 studies enquiring about our school.
When I heard the following, "Ya, I was an appeal case to Victoria; but look at what VS has made me- now I am 6th in class!"
That filled me with pride for all these boys who have done us and VS proud.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ASEAN Schools Tour 2008

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Today VS was priviledged to be part of 3 schools invited to attend the ASEAN Schools Tour where students were addressed by the Secretary General of ASEAN, His Excellence, Dr Surin Pitsuwan.

Dr Surin gave a very candid and insightful address to the audience. He highlighted that amongst all the ASEAN nations, Singaporean's youths were found to have the least knowledge and understanding of the workings and structure of ASEAN.
This could be in part due to the priviledge lives that Singaporean youths lead. However, it is a blessing that should not be taken for granted.
See clip below for an extract of Dr Surin's address:

After his addressm our VS boys participated in a quiz on facts about ASEAN, despite our luck, charm and personality we lost out to both ACJC and Cedar Girls.
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Nevermind, we will be back next year!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VS Road Show @ Pasir Ris Primary School

VS is embarking on a series of roadshows
Yup, even schools now do road shows!

We went to Pasir Ris Primary School today to talk to the P6 students.
I must say it was a great experience!
Met an ex-Victorian there, Yisen! (Good to see you as usual!)
The P6 boys were really interested and asked us some interesting questions:
i.e "Does VS has a education system that can be considered world-class?"

Wah.... this coming from P6 boy. Power!
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sec 4 Graduation

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Gentlemen, today if your last day in Victoria School as students.
After today, the Sec 4s will be preparing for their O-Levels in less than 2 weeks time.

Today, is your graduation ceremony. And we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
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Some words from Mr Low:

Click on slideshow below to see videos and photos of the Sec 4 Graduation ceremony:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sec 3 GCE PE Theory Paper

Tommorow is Sec 3 GCE PE Theory Paper

Revision slides are on the LMS now.

Log in and revise

Good luck!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Voices of Victoria

It's been a frantic year.
But then again, each year in Oct, most of the teachers always have this feeling that the year has passed us by in the blink of an eye.

Well as the Sec 4s are 'graduating' this week and then withdrawing into their 'mountain caves' for the next 2 weeks to prepare for the GCE O-Levels, we would like to wish all of you the best for your coming exams!

Here are some pics of the Voices of Victoria- some statements penned down by this years graduating Sec 4s. Samples are pasted in the school canteen.
Voices of Victoria - Share on Ovi

Voices of Victoria - Share on Ovi

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Interesting YouTube Video...

Here's an interesting video:

Watch the video and try and see if you can guess the 'identity' of the man before the end.
Then watch it again- it'll make a different kind of sense.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last PE Lesson of the Year

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Yup, it's the lesson day of PE lessons for my class and after that we're right smack into exams.

So here's the highlights of today's Futsal sessions at the Parade Square (powered by my brand new Nokia N96-- yeah!)

First off was Sec 2A for the 8.00-9.00am slot

Next we had Sec 2D taking the 9.00am-10.10am slot

Well boys, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves today.
Sec 3s exams start on Fri, the rest of you guys start on Mon.
So make good use of your weekends