Friday, January 23, 2009

VS Wushu Team CNY Performances for Pri School

Today, the VS Wushu Team was invited to Chong Zheng Primary School as well as Coral Pri School to perform for their Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Jinjie was formerly from Chong Zheng, so it was a good way for him to go back and perform since his sister is also still studying there.
Our team was even more fortunate to have the assistance of Jin Jie's father, who skillfully played the part of the Big Headed Doll in our Lion Dance! Watch him tease and toy with our VS Lion played by Ryan and Yuda

Our C Div boys did a great job, even though many were just new members that have just joined us in Sec 1.
Here they are doing their Group Quan:

At Coral Primary, the crowd as so enthusiastic! It's really fun performing for Primary School kids- so much joy and energy!

The 'Waaaaahs' and 'Ooooohs' from the Primary School kids definitely made our boys feel good!

Ryan and Darren were given a chance to share their wushu experiences with their juniors in Coral Primary school. Indeed it was with joy and pride that I was able to see our VS Wushu Team share their pride in how Victoria School has nurtured them into Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen

After this, is off for a few days rest with family before we begin our next round of demonstrations.

Congrats to the team, especially Team Capt Ryan for his hard work in mastering the Lion. Well done Yuda for being a fantastic Lion Tail- the both of you are dynamite.

The next few months will be tough, with many demos and preparing for competition- that is why you must drop by my place in the hostel, like Ryan and gang, and use my Osim I-Squeeze to soothe your tired muscles.
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Have a Happy New Year boys! We will perserve and strive hard in the year ahead.
Regardless what obstacles that are placed in our way, I promise you that we will overcome them all together as a team!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Decorated Room

Based on the room check Mr Su Ronghua and I did 2 weeks ago, we have awarded prizes for the best decorated room for Chinese New Year.

In 3rd Place, we have H1-04-06
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In 2nd Place, we have the chirpy guys from H1-04-15
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In FIRST PLACE!, our Vietnamese scholars from H1-04-04
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They win the 'Immunity Idol' of the Luck Ox which will be presented to the cleanest room the next time we have this competition. heh heh.

Meanwhile to congratulate the boys on their good cleanliness and to celebrate CNY, Mr Su Ronghua gave all of us a late night dessert:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome, Victoria Boarders of 2009

Well, it's a New Year and I would like to extend my thanks and warm-welcome to my good friend and colleague, Brudder Su Rong Hua, who will be moving into the hostel. Together, we will be taking charge of all the ASEAN and A-Star Scholars from VS.

Here is the Xiao-Xiao Gang of 2009!

Agilan & Aaron:

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Bank, Q, Win and Palm:

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Chan Hui Dhar and Kong Wei Chung:

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Tank and Kai

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Chu Toan Thang and Teoh Jun Yeang:

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Brian and Rock

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Billy and Akshat:

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Martin, Andrew, David and Harri:

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Nicholas, Ravi, Joseph and Joshua:

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Matt, Max, Wind and Game:

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Ang Qi Kai, Lee Jia Lok, Tea Xuan Jie and Fung Jin Jie:

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Victor, John, Alex and Ken:

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woots! PE Classes are in full-swing!

With yesterday's astounding results, spirits in Victoria School are high and both staff and students are edified and affirmed in our belief that we can all indeed strive to be something more.

By now, we are in Week 2 of term 1 and PE lessons are going ahead in full swing.
Here we see our 2nd batch of GCE PE students in Sec 3E showing that they are equally serious about PE. They were doing 100m sprints for the VS Athletic Standards test.

Their seniors in the 'Serious PE' Class of Sec 4B were not to be outdone as they pulled out all the stops for the Long Jump segment of the VS Athletic Standard Test.

Between Naren's fussy measuring, Dilip's frantic 'changkol-ing' and all the funny patterns coming out in the approach phase, I would say that they set an impressive standard for the rest of the classes to follow (especially in their facial expressions- like Darren and Jordan 'Boy-Boy') Check it out:

Our new Victorians from Sec 1C also gave a strong effort today with some impressive jumps from the boys. Check out these stunning jumps from Brian, Xin Cheng and Sean from 1C. Well done, boys!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My hopes, my pride and my inspiration....

As the school celebrated our good performance in the O-Levels today, Wayne and Sean came up to me.
Wayne was the Wushu Team Captain and Sean, was one of my Vice-Captains- they were the first batch of students to graduate from the wushu team since we were first formalised.

Wayne score 7 points for his L1R5 and Sean got an astounding 6points!
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I am damn proud of you both and all the other boys in the wushu team.
This post will be a testament to history that the first official Team Captain and our Vice Captain, not only won the Bronze for us in the B-Div Choreographed Sparring but also were part of the B-Div team that broke into top 4 in 2008 by clinching 3rd place through the hard work of all the team members.

In this blog post, I leave behind a glorious memory and inspiration for all your juniors to follow.
May all of you who walk through the gates of Victoria, emerge as Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen- well-rounded individuals with the courage to fight for the right things and to never give up.
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Release of GCE O-Level Results for 2008 batch

Today was the release of the GCE O-Level results. It was with bated breath that the entire cohort of 2008 eagerly waited for the arrival of our Principal, Mr Low.
The results of their seniors in 2007 had been one of the best in the past 10 years and the class of 2008 were eager to know if they were able to fill the shoes of their seniors

When Mr Low went up to announce the breakdown of distinctions and results compared to the national average, we could all feel the buzz. I will not spoil it for you, so click on the video to hear it from the man himself, our Principal, Mr Low:

We definitely have done well this year! To all the naysayers and wet-blankets that have hinted or implied that 2007's results were a fluke and that VS' future as a premiere BOY's school was in doubt, we can now proudly stake our claim and shout it out for all to hear that VS is here to stay. 2007 was no fluke, 2008 isn't by luck but through sheer blood, sweat, grit and tears from teachers and students, we proved that we are indeed something more.

Here are some of the outstanding heroes of the class of 2008:

And here are the Top 3 Classes for 2008:

I must say that in my years in VS, I am seeing more and more, the better balancing of the Professional with the Sportsmen. For years, everyone knew we could play and play well; but often people doubted our academic capacity. Now we know and we can prove it, that the same fervour we have on the field of play, we can brind to the exam hall.

The mean L1R5 for the class of 2008 at Prelims was 16.9. We, the staff and teachers here in VS were worried and concerned but we believed in you and we gave you the best we could in hopes that all of you would flourish. The mean L1R5 for Class of 2008 is......

VS boleh- Boys, we can do it, yes, we can.
Nil Sine Labore

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

EDGE 2009 Orientation Video Montage

Hi all, once again Xiao-Xiao Productions has put together another video for all of you.
I have put together video footage and photos from the Sec 1 Orientation Camp for all of you to enjoy!

A big thank you to VS first female PE Teacher and the first, ever female Camp Commandant- the one and only, Miss Sheikha!

You made all the guys in the PE Dept proud!

Yup and before he hammers me- Thanks to Damien, our photographic genius for the great photos-esp the one with the 3 'abangs' running, jumping and levitating!")

Friday, January 2, 2009

EDGE 2009 Sec 1 Orientation Camp

Today we begin our new year by welcoming another batch of Victorians into the family.

Check out the EDGE 2009 Sec 1 Orientation Camp Blog here Camp will be from 2-4 Jan 2009

The blog is updated regularly. Portions of the Campfire on 3rd Jan will be streamed 'live'
Check out our camp blog for more details