Friday, January 23, 2009

VS Wushu Team CNY Performances for Pri School

Today, the VS Wushu Team was invited to Chong Zheng Primary School as well as Coral Pri School to perform for their Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Jinjie was formerly from Chong Zheng, so it was a good way for him to go back and perform since his sister is also still studying there.
Our team was even more fortunate to have the assistance of Jin Jie's father, who skillfully played the part of the Big Headed Doll in our Lion Dance! Watch him tease and toy with our VS Lion played by Ryan and Yuda

Our C Div boys did a great job, even though many were just new members that have just joined us in Sec 1.
Here they are doing their Group Quan:

At Coral Primary, the crowd as so enthusiastic! It's really fun performing for Primary School kids- so much joy and energy!

The 'Waaaaahs' and 'Ooooohs' from the Primary School kids definitely made our boys feel good!

Ryan and Darren were given a chance to share their wushu experiences with their juniors in Coral Primary school. Indeed it was with joy and pride that I was able to see our VS Wushu Team share their pride in how Victoria School has nurtured them into Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen

After this, is off for a few days rest with family before we begin our next round of demonstrations.

Congrats to the team, especially Team Capt Ryan for his hard work in mastering the Lion. Well done Yuda for being a fantastic Lion Tail- the both of you are dynamite.

The next few months will be tough, with many demos and preparing for competition- that is why you must drop by my place in the hostel, like Ryan and gang, and use my Osim I-Squeeze to soothe your tired muscles.
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Have a Happy New Year boys! We will perserve and strive hard in the year ahead.
Regardless what obstacles that are placed in our way, I promise you that we will overcome them all together as a team!


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