Monday, January 12, 2009

My hopes, my pride and my inspiration....

As the school celebrated our good performance in the O-Levels today, Wayne and Sean came up to me.
Wayne was the Wushu Team Captain and Sean, was one of my Vice-Captains- they were the first batch of students to graduate from the wushu team since we were first formalised.

Wayne score 7 points for his L1R5 and Sean got an astounding 6points!
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I am damn proud of you both and all the other boys in the wushu team.
This post will be a testament to history that the first official Team Captain and our Vice Captain, not only won the Bronze for us in the B-Div Choreographed Sparring but also were part of the B-Div team that broke into top 4 in 2008 by clinching 3rd place through the hard work of all the team members.

In this blog post, I leave behind a glorious memory and inspiration for all your juniors to follow.
May all of you who walk through the gates of Victoria, emerge as Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen- well-rounded individuals with the courage to fight for the right things and to never give up.
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