Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woots! PE Classes are in full-swing!

With yesterday's astounding results, spirits in Victoria School are high and both staff and students are edified and affirmed in our belief that we can all indeed strive to be something more.

By now, we are in Week 2 of term 1 and PE lessons are going ahead in full swing.
Here we see our 2nd batch of GCE PE students in Sec 3E showing that they are equally serious about PE. They were doing 100m sprints for the VS Athletic Standards test.

Their seniors in the 'Serious PE' Class of Sec 4B were not to be outdone as they pulled out all the stops for the Long Jump segment of the VS Athletic Standard Test.

Between Naren's fussy measuring, Dilip's frantic 'changkol-ing' and all the funny patterns coming out in the approach phase, I would say that they set an impressive standard for the rest of the classes to follow (especially in their facial expressions- like Darren and Jordan 'Boy-Boy') Check it out:

Our new Victorians from Sec 1C also gave a strong effort today with some impressive jumps from the boys. Check out these stunning jumps from Brian, Xin Cheng and Sean from 1C. Well done, boys!

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