Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Decorated Room

Based on the room check Mr Su Ronghua and I did 2 weeks ago, we have awarded prizes for the best decorated room for Chinese New Year.

In 3rd Place, we have H1-04-06
21/01/2009 - Share on Ovi

In 2nd Place, we have the chirpy guys from H1-04-15
21/01/2009 - Share on Ovi

In FIRST PLACE!, our Vietnamese scholars from H1-04-04
21/01/2009 - Share on Ovi
They win the 'Immunity Idol' of the Luck Ox which will be presented to the cleanest room the next time we have this competition. heh heh.

Meanwhile to congratulate the boys on their good cleanliness and to celebrate CNY, Mr Su Ronghua gave all of us a late night dessert:

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