Friday, September 25, 2009

3-3 Basket Ball

Having been doing basketball for the last 3 weeks, today our Sec 1C class had a 3-3 mini-league.

The boys played 3 on 3 for Basketball.
The rules were simple- each team plays for 1min 30secs
Winner stays, loser out
Draw both teams out.

I tell you, sometimes it's just so enjoyable teaching Sec 1 Classes- they are so energtic, vibrant and youthful!

Yet despite being Sec 1s, there are some who are really competent in basketball and have really good sense of space and ball control

Well done, 1C!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Evening of Music & Drama

Fri 18th of Sep, many of our boys rushed back from the Colors Awards to get back in school in time to watch the myriad entertaining performances from our VS boys for this year's Evening of Music and Drama.

The night's event kicked off with a hilarious tribute to Michael Jackson by our emcess Kym Hwe and Sanjeev

Next we had great acoustic performances from the E-Z Band featureing Hadi, Jason and Daniel with a cover of Howie Day's "Collide"

They followed this with a great rendition of "I will follow you into the dark"

Then it was magic show-time when Joshua Chin, our very own Sec 1 Asean scholar from Malaysia, entertained us with some close up magic:

Cool right? At one point he even got Mr Low, our principal to participate by shuffling an imaginary deck of cards. hmmmmm.... maybe next year, Joshua you try and saw him into 2-- but must make sure can put back together again arh.

Our next item was also by another ASEAN scholar- this time it was Alex (Mai) from Vietnam who sang "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban

Well done boys- looks like this year we have a lot of talented performances in the Siow and Su gang :)

After that we had the Chinese Orchestra performing for us. Their rendition of Pachabel's Cannon in D gave a nice Oriental twist on a Western classical piece

They even did an evocative cover of Jay Chou's "菊花台"

Not to be outdone, the Concert Band gave us a rousing piece from "Pirates of the Carribean" :

Next Shahrizal and Vignesh showed us that old skool b-boy beatboxing is never dead.
They gave us "Jump" from Kriss Cross (yes, with Hwe and Sanjeev as back-up dancers)

Finally, the suave, smooth and polished voices of the choir gave us "Come go with me"

Well done boys! Hope to see these talents blossom even further next year!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Focus Group Discussion for YOG Arts Program at the Esplanade

On Thu 17th Sep, Ryan and Benjamin, 2 of our student leaders were invited down to the Esplanade to be part of a focus group discussion on upcoming arts performance events that would be held at the Esplanade next year in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games
DSCF0094 - Share on Ovi

Wah, see Ryan and Benjamin in animated discussion here :)
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39th Schools Color Awards

Today, was the presentation of School Colors Award at Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School.

VS showed our strong presence today and we were happy to have many of our parent's join us for the award presentation today!

Also, I felt proud and priviledged to be with our first graduating batch of GCE PE candidates- the "Serious PE" Class of 2009 to share in their pride in receiving their awards.

Of course, not forgetting our VS Wushu Team.
This year, our C-Div managed to achieve National 3rd Position.
Also, we had Individual medal award winners:
Ho Mun Yong (Sec 1B):
42 Taiji - Gold

Bernie Ang (Sec 2F):
4 Duan Broadsword - Silver, 4-Duan Cudgel - Silver

Fung Jin Jie (3E):
Changquan 2nd International - Silver
Cudgel 2nd International - Silver
Broadsword 2nd International - Gold

Congrats to all award winners- Let the Victorian Spirit fly high!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rock never die....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fitting Tribute to MJ

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks Boys!!!

It's been a trying few weeks coming to the end of Term

I've been setting and marking Pre-Lim 2 papers for the GCE PE class, had to submit their coursework on time, had to weather some trying times for my family.

But when I came back on Wed, I was pleasantly surprised to see the layout of the rock garden changed. We've had the rock garden in the hostel for awhile now and every now and then I get different groups of boys to landscape it to add colour to our 'turf'

But Wed's layout was a sweet surprise for me:

That was so touching- especially coming from boys. That the 'gang' actually bothered was a heartwarming sign.

But that's not all, plastered to my door were some really well-made cards:

One of them was made by the Vietnamese scholars and it seems that my birthday is the same day as Vietnam's Independence Day! Hahaha

The other card was made by the rest of the 'mini Mafia' gangsters under me:

Ok before you all go call the police and report, we're talking about Facebook's "Mafia Wars" application here.
Yup Don Siow's Mafia gang in facebook is growing day by day and we are set to take over New York, Cuba and Moscow soon!

Thank you all boys, really.
Da Boss is very touched