Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Evening of Music & Drama

Fri 18th of Sep, many of our boys rushed back from the Colors Awards to get back in school in time to watch the myriad entertaining performances from our VS boys for this year's Evening of Music and Drama.

The night's event kicked off with a hilarious tribute to Michael Jackson by our emcess Kym Hwe and Sanjeev

Next we had great acoustic performances from the E-Z Band featureing Hadi, Jason and Daniel with a cover of Howie Day's "Collide"

They followed this with a great rendition of "I will follow you into the dark"

Then it was magic show-time when Joshua Chin, our very own Sec 1 Asean scholar from Malaysia, entertained us with some close up magic:

Cool right? At one point he even got Mr Low, our principal to participate by shuffling an imaginary deck of cards. hmmmmm.... maybe next year, Joshua you try and saw him into 2-- but must make sure can put back together again arh.

Our next item was also by another ASEAN scholar- this time it was Alex (Mai) from Vietnam who sang "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban

Well done boys- looks like this year we have a lot of talented performances in the Siow and Su gang :)

After that we had the Chinese Orchestra performing for us. Their rendition of Pachabel's Cannon in D gave a nice Oriental twist on a Western classical piece

They even did an evocative cover of Jay Chou's "菊花台"

Not to be outdone, the Concert Band gave us a rousing piece from "Pirates of the Carribean" :

Next Shahrizal and Vignesh showed us that old skool b-boy beatboxing is never dead.
They gave us "Jump" from Kriss Cross (yes, with Hwe and Sanjeev as back-up dancers)

Finally, the suave, smooth and polished voices of the choir gave us "Come go with me"

Well done boys! Hope to see these talents blossom even further next year!

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