Friday, February 27, 2009

VS Volleyball Results

Our B and C Div Volleyball teams participated in the East Zone School's Volleyball Championships held in Geylang Methodist Sec School.

Our C-Div Volleyball boys fought their way through to the finals and clinched the East Zone Championship title- breaking St Hilda's reign of 15 consecutive years.

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For the B-Div Volleyball boys, this has been a tough year since they have lost their usual training ground. The volleyball/basketball court area has been taken up by the construction of the VS Indoor Sports Hall. Throughout this period, the team had to travel all around Singapore in order for them to try and find a proper venue for training. In many instances, they had to make do with bad conditioned courts or just make do with practicing skills and drills in the open spaces around the school.
Despite being disappointed with the fact that help did not come from those best in a position to assist us, the boys perserved and were able to gain assistances from unexpected sources. For that we are grateful.
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This year, despite their best efforts, the B-boys lost by a narrow margin of 2-1 to Dunman Sec and a score of 2-0 to St Hildas. Although the were not able to defend their 2nd placing, they still managed to gain a 3rd place in East Zone.

Despite overwhelming odds, they still managed to perserve and never say die.
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Boys, the mark of a champion is not defined by the award of a medal- it is a state of mind.
We are very proud of you all- both the B and C boys.

Never year, when we have our new Sports Hall, a place to call our own, I am sure we can we will come back and give a better performance to all our esteemed competitors.
Jia You!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

GCE PE: Preparing for Term 2 Coursework

In Term 2, Sec 4B boys will be doing their Course work for CCA sports.

So this PE lesson, we are getting the boys to start taking ownership of their assessment process and to organise themselves into teams to go through the assessment process for filming.

Here we see the boys taking volleyball going through the organisation for the drill segment of assessment (we will do gameplay at a later stage)

Boys, here are some questions I would like you all to answer.
Please post under comments with your name:
1) How could you organise this segment to facilitate assessment?

2) What are some of the improvements you can suggest to specific players?

In this clip, we see the Soccer boys doing their passing in pairs.

Same thing here- please asnwer the following questions and post under comments:
1) How can you organise this segment to facilitate assessment?

2) What are some key points to focus on for passer and receiver

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PE classes in Victoria (Week 7 Term 1)

Sec 4J's Futsal PE Lesson

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Heat is On!!!

The heats for VS Sports Day are on!

This year, I must say that Whampoa house has good chance to *ahem* 'shine' a bit brighter during the finals.
We got some promising athletes

So if you have not signed up to represent your respective houses by now, it's not too late. So pick up those spikes and let's go!

Tomorrow, there's the 200m. So those going for 200m and the other events, please be there at 2.30pm
And this time, *ahem* Whampoa house has got secret weapon.

Let's go Whampoa, Let's go *clap* *clap*
Let's go Whampoa, Let's go *clap* *clap*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Safety in Sports

Our Serious PE Class, Sec 4B did their CA presentation on Sports Safety

First up, we have Dilip's group which gave us this image of a nasty looking tackle

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After that, all of us dare not play soccer with Dilip liao

Then we have Daniel Lightfoot's group giving us some weird suggestions to do with the Javelin.

I'm not sure what kind of sound you supposed to hear when you shake the javelin. hmmm... Dunno what you all thinking sometimes

Then we have Naren's group tell us about issues with take-off and landing in Long Jump and importance of good foot wear:

Ernest group showed us 2 very vivid clips on what were some accidents that could happen during Pole Vault

Chong Chieh's ability to rattle off dimensions makes him an excellent candidate to be a furniture salesman

Then we 'kena' presentation by Hidayat group on Hockey:

From now on, all keepers need to learn how to use their heads to save the ball but make sure wear helmet otherwise, sure kena.

Desmond and the volleyballers then presented a nifty slideshow using the Ibook, on safety during volleyball

I'm sure the boys were very engrossed in your pictures of female beach volleyball players *ahem* For the love of the game, right?

Good job boys, will give you your makes on Mon with the report.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Student Leaders' Investiture 2009

On Fri, VS invested our students leaders

The ceremony began around 5.30pm when we were welcomed by our 2 Emcees.
This is how they looked at 5.30pm when I entered the hall:
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While the parents, guests and teachers streamed in, our stoic Emcees stood tall and silent and still. This is how they looked at 6.00pm when we were about to start
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Heh heh...poor things lah :)

The Guest of Honor this year was Mr Jonathan Oh, an Old Victorian as well as a former staff here at VS. It was most fitting to have a young, vibrant Victorian who has been both student and staff here in VS to be our Guest of Honor on the day when we invest our leaders.
Jonathan shared a very important mindset for us- We must always strive to surpass those that have gone before us:

As the flags marched into the auditorium, I know that we all have a strong sense of pride and belonging here in VS
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And as I watch all of you standing here, I am filled with pride.
Some of you I know very well, some not so.
Some of you know me very well, some not so.
Some have shared jokes with me
Some have been the target of my jokes
(yes, yes, the 'Hong Kong' NPCC brothers, China's most handsome Malay boy and various other people, you all know who you are)
Some have shared jokes with me and also made me the target of their jokes
(yes, yes, the same gang of you too)
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Some of you I have trainned, some I have not.
Some of you will lead, others will follow
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But you and I,
me and you,
teacher and student,
leader and follower,
We, we together sing the same anthemn.

and wherever we go, they will know that we are born of the same stock, branded with the same fired and burning with the same belief.

We are Victorians and we are all called to be something more.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victoria Hall CNY Dinner 2009

Yesterday, Victoria Hall celebrated the 15th Day of the Chinese New Year with a steamboat buffet for all the boarders.

It definitely was a fun time for the boarders to bond and have a good time. There were lots of activities and games.
Here we see the boarders competitng to see which table can peel enough 'kwa chee' to fill up the diagram of the Ox on their paper

Which CNY celebration is complete without the ever popular karaoke- Here we have Aaron Tung from Malaysia belting our Michael Bolton's "Go the Distance"

Our new Vietnamese scholar Mai aka Alex, finally managed to get his track to play and say a great rendition of 'When you believe'

So here's to a great year ahead for all of us in Victoria School and Victoria Hall!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

VS Wushu Team CNY Performance @ SGH

Today the VS Wushu Team went down to Singapore General Hospital to celebrate the festive season and bring some Ox-picious cheer to the patients there.

We were there early and had the chance to wish some of the patients a Happy Chinese New Year!

This was followed by our Lion Dance and Wushu performance:

Throughout the world and all across society, many have predicted that this will be a tough year. But it is especially in times like these that we have to stand by some of the principles laid down in our Victorian Code of Honor:
Be Kind, Be Grateful and Be Engaged

Learning wushu is not just about learning how to fight your opponent; it is about learning how to live you life- with meaning, care and integrity.

The VS Wushu Team has been blessed to receive support from so many parents, VWOs and kind, well-wishers. Boys, this is our time to give back and give of ourselves.
Only when we can achieve that, can we say that we have achieved something in our practice of the martial arts.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lo Hei for CNY

Over the course of the CNY, we had a series of Lo Hei amongst the boys in Victoria School.

Here we see Sec 4B graced by the presence of Mr Low, our Principal, giving the Serious PE class some words of encouragement in the the Year of the Ox

Our boys in the hostel were not to be left out!
Courtesy of my partner in crime, Mr Su Ronghua (and his Mum), a sumptuous spread of Lo Hei was prepared for them on Wed, after their Compulsory Study Time.
We were joined by 2 new boarders: Welcome to Marcus and Kym Hwe!

Since we had so many boarders, we decided to do Lo Hei 'United Nations' style.
The boys mixed the dish according to nationality (of course, we had some foreign imports to help out as well: right, Harri?)

Great to see the way Akshat learnt how to handle the chop-sticks! And also welocome our furthest guest, Kym Hwe from Korea!

PE Sharing: Sports Injury Treatment in VS for Principals from Qatar

VS played host to about 20 educators from Qatar
Boys from the GCE PE Sports classes showed our visitors the use of the SMARTboard and our Neuromuscular Stimulator for physiotherapy in the SPRINT@VS PAC.

Here we have Miss Haya Almarri, who also teaches PE in Qatar posing with the boys
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Slam Ball!

As we were talking about sports in GCE PE class today, here's a look at Slam Ball a fast new exciting sport that combines Basketball, American Football and lots of stunts!