Thursday, February 5, 2009

VS Wushu Team CNY Performance @ SGH

Today the VS Wushu Team went down to Singapore General Hospital to celebrate the festive season and bring some Ox-picious cheer to the patients there.

We were there early and had the chance to wish some of the patients a Happy Chinese New Year!

This was followed by our Lion Dance and Wushu performance:

Throughout the world and all across society, many have predicted that this will be a tough year. But it is especially in times like these that we have to stand by some of the principles laid down in our Victorian Code of Honor:
Be Kind, Be Grateful and Be Engaged

Learning wushu is not just about learning how to fight your opponent; it is about learning how to live you life- with meaning, care and integrity.

The VS Wushu Team has been blessed to receive support from so many parents, VWOs and kind, well-wishers. Boys, this is our time to give back and give of ourselves.
Only when we can achieve that, can we say that we have achieved something in our practice of the martial arts.
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