Saturday, February 14, 2009

Student Leaders' Investiture 2009

On Fri, VS invested our students leaders

The ceremony began around 5.30pm when we were welcomed by our 2 Emcees.
This is how they looked at 5.30pm when I entered the hall:
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While the parents, guests and teachers streamed in, our stoic Emcees stood tall and silent and still. This is how they looked at 6.00pm when we were about to start
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Heh heh...poor things lah :)

The Guest of Honor this year was Mr Jonathan Oh, an Old Victorian as well as a former staff here at VS. It was most fitting to have a young, vibrant Victorian who has been both student and staff here in VS to be our Guest of Honor on the day when we invest our leaders.
Jonathan shared a very important mindset for us- We must always strive to surpass those that have gone before us:

As the flags marched into the auditorium, I know that we all have a strong sense of pride and belonging here in VS
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And as I watch all of you standing here, I am filled with pride.
Some of you I know very well, some not so.
Some of you know me very well, some not so.
Some have shared jokes with me
Some have been the target of my jokes
(yes, yes, the 'Hong Kong' NPCC brothers, China's most handsome Malay boy and various other people, you all know who you are)
Some have shared jokes with me and also made me the target of their jokes
(yes, yes, the same gang of you too)
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Some of you I have trainned, some I have not.
Some of you will lead, others will follow
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But you and I,
me and you,
teacher and student,
leader and follower,
We, we together sing the same anthemn.

and wherever we go, they will know that we are born of the same stock, branded with the same fired and burning with the same belief.

We are Victorians and we are all called to be something more.

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