Friday, February 27, 2009

VS Volleyball Results

Our B and C Div Volleyball teams participated in the East Zone School's Volleyball Championships held in Geylang Methodist Sec School.

Our C-Div Volleyball boys fought their way through to the finals and clinched the East Zone Championship title- breaking St Hilda's reign of 15 consecutive years.

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For the B-Div Volleyball boys, this has been a tough year since they have lost their usual training ground. The volleyball/basketball court area has been taken up by the construction of the VS Indoor Sports Hall. Throughout this period, the team had to travel all around Singapore in order for them to try and find a proper venue for training. In many instances, they had to make do with bad conditioned courts or just make do with practicing skills and drills in the open spaces around the school.
Despite being disappointed with the fact that help did not come from those best in a position to assist us, the boys perserved and were able to gain assistances from unexpected sources. For that we are grateful.
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This year, despite their best efforts, the B-boys lost by a narrow margin of 2-1 to Dunman Sec and a score of 2-0 to St Hildas. Although the were not able to defend their 2nd placing, they still managed to gain a 3rd place in East Zone.

Despite overwhelming odds, they still managed to perserve and never say die.
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Boys, the mark of a champion is not defined by the award of a medal- it is a state of mind.
We are very proud of you all- both the B and C boys.

Never year, when we have our new Sports Hall, a place to call our own, I am sure we can we will come back and give a better performance to all our esteemed competitors.
Jia You!


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