Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Safety in Sports

Our Serious PE Class, Sec 4B did their CA presentation on Sports Safety

First up, we have Dilip's group which gave us this image of a nasty looking tackle

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After that, all of us dare not play soccer with Dilip liao

Then we have Daniel Lightfoot's group giving us some weird suggestions to do with the Javelin.

I'm not sure what kind of sound you supposed to hear when you shake the javelin. hmmm... Dunno what you all thinking sometimes

Then we have Naren's group tell us about issues with take-off and landing in Long Jump and importance of good foot wear:

Ernest group showed us 2 very vivid clips on what were some accidents that could happen during Pole Vault

Chong Chieh's ability to rattle off dimensions makes him an excellent candidate to be a furniture salesman

Then we 'kena' presentation by Hidayat group on Hockey:

From now on, all keepers need to learn how to use their heads to save the ball but make sure wear helmet otherwise, sure kena.

Desmond and the volleyballers then presented a nifty slideshow using the Ibook, on safety during volleyball

I'm sure the boys were very engrossed in your pictures of female beach volleyball players *ahem* For the love of the game, right?

Good job boys, will give you your makes on Mon with the report.

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