Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY Lo Hei for Asean & A-Star Scholars

Today, Mr Su Ronghua organised our own very special Lo Hei session for all our ASEAN and A-Star scholars in Victoria Hall.

Having students from various countries and nationalities, we had to take a few rounds to really 'Lo Hei'!

Huat ah!

Monday, February 22, 2010

VS Wushu Team CIP to Assisi Home

For pictures of that day's events, click here for Calvin Cheong's Facebook Album

Upper Sec PE

Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY Performance @ VS

Today VS had our Chinese New Year celebrations, last year due to scheduling clashes and last minute changes, our VS Wushu Team performed for 2 Primary Schools but was unable to perform in VS itself.

This year, we were determined to make up for our absence and practiced hard to wow our home crowd. Our season due of Lion Head and Lion Tail- Ryan Goh from 4A and Tan Yuda from 4I are graduating this year and this would be a great way to celebrate their coming of age in the team.
You can see how seasoned they are now:

Even better this year, I finally handed over all aspects of the performance to the boys. John Png from 3B took over the helm for drumming with the cymbals played by Kang Jie, Saw, Hui Dhar and Zhenyu.
We had our 'gong specialist' Liu Weilie come back from NS to join us today even! Weilie managed to earn a day off for attaining a Silver in his IPPT test! Well done!

After our Lion Dance, we had our wushu performance by the team.
With many of our veteran members graduating this year, we showcased some new talent in the C-Div:

I believe that Kong Wei Chung from 4D made the biggest and loudest impression on everyone.
It is this passion and ROARING love for Victoria that I feel deep in my heart and wish to share with all staff and students this Chinese New Year.
In the year of the Tiger, may we fight tooth and claw to surmount all challenges that come our way;
may we hunt out opportunities to make ourselves something more;
and when we after we crest these seemingly insurmountable odds, may we ROAR our name for all to hear- we will ROAR out loud that WE ARE VICTORIANs and WE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING MORE!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

5th VS Student Leaders Investiture

Today marks the 5th Student Leaders Investiture in VS.

In my opinion, this year's pledge was the best recital I've heard in all the years.
Finally, it sounds the way it was meant to be said:
Student Leaders’ Pledge

We hereby pledge that as Leaders,
We shall always be Gentlemen
who seek to do the right things
with integrity and compassion.

As Professionals, we will not be content with mediocrity
We will learn and strive to be the best in the classroom and on the field.
We seek to do the right things and to do things right.

As Sportsmen, we will constantly push our boundaries.
We will lose with pride and win with humility.
We will play the game of life and emerge Champions

As Victorian Leaders,
we hereby pledge to serve the school and our community in all that we do.
We will give the best of ourselves, in each and every moment of our lives.
We live neither in the past nor in the future but in the moment.
And our moment is Now.
We will give of our best Now and Always because we are Victorians
And Victorians are something more.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beijing Wushu Team vist to Victoria School

On 7th Feb, 3 boys from Victoria School will be part of the performance team comprising of members of the Beijing Wushu Team and Kuen Wushu in during the Wushu performance, "The Champion" at Victoria Theatre.

The 3 boys are:

Victoria School was proud to play hosts to the Beijing Wushu Team who visited us on Thu 4th Feb to mingle with the boys and have a joint training session to acclimatise themselves upon arriving in Singapore
First all, we had a brief introduction of the team and our VS boys and then both groups, began to do their warm-ups and basic exercises:

It is immediately apparent that the level and proficiency at which the Beijing Team members execute even the most fundamental movements set themselves in a whole new level of skill:

Even casual warm-ups are executed with a crispness and fluidity that are the distinctive hall-marks of true professional athletes

Later, when the team started to do their more complicated aerial movements, the VS Team gave way to the Beijing Team and watched attentively as these professionals pushed the boundaries of excellence.

In this session, it was obvious that the Beijing team was not training at their regular intensity but were just limbering to acclimatise to Singapore's hot and humid weather after their arrival here.
Yet, we can see that behind the casual execution of each jump, flip and turn; there is a huge difference in the way their air-time, fluidity and technical poise.

It is not often that student athletes are priviledged to have an inside look at how professional teams train; so for the boys they were thrilled and awestruck by the performance of these highly skilled athletes.

So for those who haven't got your tickets yet, there's still time!
Don't miss the Beijing Wushu Team (not to mentioned JJ, Darren and Weichung from VS!) in "The Champion"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Extreme Skills in Action

This post is for the GCE PE 6080 class.
Here are some clips of awesome skill display.
Take a look and determine:
- what aspects of skill-related fitness are displayed
- what type of skill continuum can they be classified under
- what are various factors affecting the performance of the skill

1)Cristian Ronaldo

2)Human Tetris



5)Ninja Warrior


More Athletic Standard Tests

Today, 3B is doing their Athletic Standard Test.
In Term 1, the various levels will be under-going this as part of their PE lessons.
Each point scored contributes to their overall house standings for our Track and Field Championships later in the year.

Today, we have 3B doing Long Jump. Here we see them measuring their steps with their inital take-off.

After taking their pacing and distance for the run-up, the boys begin their attempts.
Here we see some astounding tries from 3B