Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beijing Wushu Team vist to Victoria School

On 7th Feb, 3 boys from Victoria School will be part of the performance team comprising of members of the Beijing Wushu Team and Kuen Wushu in during the Wushu performance, "The Champion" at Victoria Theatre.

The 3 boys are:

Victoria School was proud to play hosts to the Beijing Wushu Team who visited us on Thu 4th Feb to mingle with the boys and have a joint training session to acclimatise themselves upon arriving in Singapore
First all, we had a brief introduction of the team and our VS boys and then both groups, began to do their warm-ups and basic exercises:

It is immediately apparent that the level and proficiency at which the Beijing Team members execute even the most fundamental movements set themselves in a whole new level of skill:

Even casual warm-ups are executed with a crispness and fluidity that are the distinctive hall-marks of true professional athletes

Later, when the team started to do their more complicated aerial movements, the VS Team gave way to the Beijing Team and watched attentively as these professionals pushed the boundaries of excellence.

In this session, it was obvious that the Beijing team was not training at their regular intensity but were just limbering to acclimatise to Singapore's hot and humid weather after their arrival here.
Yet, we can see that behind the casual execution of each jump, flip and turn; there is a huge difference in the way their air-time, fluidity and technical poise.

It is not often that student athletes are priviledged to have an inside look at how professional teams train; so for the boys they were thrilled and awestruck by the performance of these highly skilled athletes.

So for those who haven't got your tickets yet, there's still time!
Don't miss the Beijing Wushu Team (not to mentioned JJ, Darren and Weichung from VS!) in "The Champion"

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