Thursday, May 28, 2009

Public Service Week and Promotion Ceremony

Today, we celebrated Public Service Week in school as well as the promotion ceremony for several of our colleagues.

My fellow colleagues and partner in teaching, Mr Su Rong Hua
(Form Teacher of Sec 4B) was promoted today. Good job, Rong Hua

So boys of 4B, let's give Mr Su a warm round of applause and a loud " Hah Ler!!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post-Exam Activities: VS Arts Day

Now that exams are finally over, let's have some fun

Today, was VS ART's day
Here are some examples of the programs we had today

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tour to Bedok NEWater Plant

Organised by Mr Su Ronghua, the VS ASEAN and A*Star Scholars visited the Newater Plant in Bedok.
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It was the first time I had also been to the NEWater facilities and so it was a good eye-opener for me:

The plant was very well set-up and lots of thought and design had gone into it to make it visitor friendly as well as to be interactive for students.
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Our Lower Sec boys definitely enjoyed themselves with some of the hands-on activities there

Most importantly, our guide, Mr Herbert, gave us a distinct breakdown of the various steps and stages in turning raw water into NEWater:

The boys and I definitely enjoyed ourselves and the guided tour of the facilities showed students process of ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and UV water treatment to turn raw water into Newater definitely helped to give the ASEAN/A*Star Scholars an idea of the challenges Singapore faces in terms of limited resources.
I am sure this will help them in their Social Studies as they explore how Singapore overcomes our various social, economical and politcal challenges
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Post-Exam Activities- Soccer Assessment

Yup, the exams for Lower Sec boys are finally over.

So now post-exam activities are in full swing. For the Sec 2s, we are having Soccer and Hockey assessments to give the boys a chance to know their skill levels in the 2 of our main sports in VS.

The scores from this assessments are used also in our selection of candidates for those wishing to offer GCE PE at the O-levels

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kettlebell for Strength Training

For sometime I've been working out with Kettlebells.

What are Kettlebells? Well, they're kinda like bowling balls with attached handles.
I just picked up a pair and watched a couple of DVDs and started on my own.

Reccently, some boys from the Track and Field team expressed interest in training in kettlebells for overal strength and power development. So I figured that in this case, my self-taught kettleball work outs were not adequate to meet the task, so I brought in a professional.

Herman Chauw, is an accomplished gymnast and Kettle Bell instructor. We met when I tried my hand at Capoiera for a year or so (I tell you, I looked like an absolute idiot during those times in Capoeira but I really enjoyed it)
So today's our first session with Herman and the boys- check it out:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sec 4B PE schedule for Week 7

Yes boys, yes boys- I have heard your passionate plea.
Now that we have covered what we need to for SA1, let's spend the last one week before exams doing what we love best.

So here's our plan for Week 7:

Mon 1120-1230:
Futsal in Parade Square
Please wear your yellow and black PE attire

Tue 1010-1045:
Go over Online Test
In class

Tue 1305-1415:
Revision for SA1
Team Elimination- Class is split in 2 teams
Teams craft questions for other teams to answer.
Winning Team gets a 'shot' at the other team

Thu 0935-1045:
NAPFA 5-Station Test
Please be in PE Attire

Friday, May 1, 2009

Most Ridiculous Fight Scene Ever Filmed

Yes, I like martial arts
Yes, I like martial arts films
I like intelligent, deep movies too..
But I mean, sometimes after a stressful day at work, you want to watch a movie that doesn't require your emotions or intellect to be too engaged.
Some action flick to watch and each popcorn at the same time and go
"Fwoah, cool side kick la";
or nudge the wife and say
"Eh, you saw that move, last time I oso can do you know"
(Of course, then the wife will answer "Ya, last time policeman also wear khaki shorts"

Right. So when I saw this clip on IZ Reloaded, I had to post it up here for all you fellas. This one fight scene- I nearly laugh until fall down the stairs and roll into the drain.
All our edge-weapon brothers check this out.