Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kettlebell for Strength Training

For sometime I've been working out with Kettlebells.

What are Kettlebells? Well, they're kinda like bowling balls with attached handles.
I just picked up a pair and watched a couple of DVDs and started on my own.

Reccently, some boys from the Track and Field team expressed interest in training in kettlebells for overal strength and power development. So I figured that in this case, my self-taught kettleball work outs were not adequate to meet the task, so I brought in a professional.

Herman Chauw, is an accomplished gymnast and Kettle Bell instructor. We met when I tried my hand at Capoiera for a year or so (I tell you, I looked like an absolute idiot during those times in Capoeira but I really enjoyed it)
So today's our first session with Herman and the boys- check it out:

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