Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Zhng' my car

It started when I installed the Unichip ECU for my Honda Jazz and fitted out my dashboard with the accompanying gauges for Oil Temp, Water Temp and Volt.

However,the stand-alone units seemed rather spartan and try as I might, I could not find a suitable gauge cover.

So I did a bit of experiement.
First I got my hands on a Subaru gauge cover:

First came the 'surgical operation' to take it apart.
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Yup, looks like crap now, right?

But with the help of my colleagues from the D&T Dept I managed to shape a left over piece of Jelutong softwood to mesh with the rear end of the cover after cutting and shaping the pieces.
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After grinding and buffing, I made sure everything was flush.
Ahhh.. the wonders of a sanding belt and buffing wheel
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Next to cover the exposed wood with black laminate.
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Here, you can see up close the rough edges, but a quick pass with a cigarette lighter and voila, no more frays

Finally, with the help of some heavy duty 3M mounting foam tape, it is fitted right on top of my dash board. The wood backing and plastic moulding are quite well flushed.
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Overall quite happy with the result :)
It might not be perfect fit but you got to stick you face right in to see where the joins are, especially from outside the car- not really visible.
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A small triumph for me in a hectic year!


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