Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Dinner with China Wushu Coaches)

Tonight, we had the honour of meeting up with esteemed members of the Chinese Wushu fraternity.

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Seated in the centre is Wu Bin. Presently, Wu Bin is the president of the Beijing Wushu Institute, the director of the Beijing Wushu Team, as well as holding top positions in the Chinese Wushu Association, Asian Wushu Federation, and the International Wushu Federation. He was responsible for discovering Jet Li and developing him into the champion athelete that he claimed 5 consecutives All-Round Men's titles in Wushu.

Standing on the extreme left is Xu Xiangdong, famous for his Eagle Claw.
In the in-flight movie, Champions that we saw on the way here, it was him that acted as the 'villian' in the movie.

Second from left is Dr Wang Man Cheng, Chinese Physician. He spent several years in Singapore and has helped in the rehab and treatment of several wushu athletes.

Standing in the centre is Coach Loh Poh Swee, next to him is me and Coach Di.

It certainly was a fruitful trip for us all to meet and exchange views with esteemed members of the Wushu fraternity in Beijing, China.

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Brenda Chan said...

Dear Mr Siow,

I am Brenda Chan, an assistant professor at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University. I understand you met Mr Xu Xiangdong at a dinner with wushu coaches in Beijing (in March this year). Mr Xu Xiangdong happened to be the male lead in a 1985 martial arts film called Holy Robe of Shaolin (木棉袈裟). I am planning a research project to do an analysis of that film, along with a couple of other old kungfu films that featured Shaolin monks. I'm exploring the possibility of interviewing Mr Xu Xiangdong about his role in the film. I wonder if Mr Xu left you a name card /contact from that dinner? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon! My email is

Brenda Chan