Friday, March 20, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Final Training Session and Certificate Presentation)

This afternoon was our final session with Coach Yang Yongli and the young students under him.

Shi Cha Hai Sports School prepared certificates of completion for each of the boys:
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We invited Coach Yang to give away the certificates of achievement:

Prior to the trip I had also prepared some medals for the boys to reward their hard work. We also had 4 Special Awards to give away:
Kong Wei Chung was awarded the Spartan Award for best effort and determination
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Our Myanmar wushu warrior, Saw Eh Tha Khu aka Xiao Qiang was awarded our medal for Most Improved Athlete:
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In terms of overall skill and achievement, the Overall Best Athlete award, without a doubt, goes to Fung Jin Jie for his ability to perform well and above expectations in his Wushu training:
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Finally, our Special Effort Award goes to Team Captain Ryan Goh, who continually pushed himself in training, as well as supervising the team during their self-study time, assisting with the administration. Ryan is the most well-rounded team member, learning and gaining competency in Routines, Sparring and Lion Dance.
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Here, we see Coach Yang presenting our special awards to the recipients:

It has been a great training trip and cultural learning experience for us.
We will be leaving Shi Cha Hai Sports School tomorrow and will be back in Singapore at 10.25pm on SQ805.

We do not train for fame, nor do we train for reward- we train in order that we may fight to become true Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen.
我们不争名, 不争利--维中武术队只争气!

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See you all back in Singapore!

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