Saturday, March 14, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip- Rooming Arrangements!

Hi Parents, I know many of you are worried about the rooming arrangements for your sons, so here are pics of them in their rooms.
They are staying 2 to a room but some of them are spending time with their friends in these pictures so you see more than 2 in each room.

Here we see John, Darren, Yuda and Wei Chung in their most favourite place:
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Our 2 well-behaved boys, Kang Jie and Nicholas- Can you figure out who's leg is that stick out?.....
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Our two sleepy heads, Howard and Saw still looking forward to sleep:
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Our team Captain Ryan with Lloyd, Jingwei and Samuel:
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Here's a view of my room and some activities we can see from the window.
Our floor directly overlooks the track and we can see some of the professional teams starting their morning workout (I believe it's the men's boxing team doing their laps)

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