Sunday, March 22, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Day 9-Return to Singapore)

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Thank you all parents who met us at the airport yesterday night.
We have all arrived back safetly in Singapore.
I would like to thank Mr Tan Ngan Boon was assisting in securing the clearance permits from A&E to expedite the customs clearance for our equipement

Thanks to the Png family, the Ang family, Hung Family, Tan family and Teo family for helping to transport equipment and boys back to school.

This trip could not have been possible without the support of the parents.
I hope the boys have thanked you on their return. I know I'm starting to nag alot (I think signs of old age) but it is important for all Victorians to be grateful because none of us make our successes in life on our own.

We have a tough month ahead of us, but I am sure that we can do it
So boys, you all know what we have to do in the following weeks, right?
You must .....
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