Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victoria School X-Country win!

Last Wednesday, Victoria School took part in the 50th National Schools Cross-Country Championships.

Unfortunately, I kena bad flu so I couldn't go down to cover the event.
So here's a short post.

Our C-boys gave us a decisive victory in their division, while our B-boys managed to clinch 2nd place, narrowly losing out to esteemed rivals, Catholic High by a mere 2 points
C Divison

1. Victoria School 28 points
2. Catholic High School 51 points
3. Singapore Sports School 51 points

B Division

1. Catholic High School 48 points
2. Victoria School 50 points
3. Singapore Sports School 65 points

For more coverage on the event, check out Red Sport's article here
Here are some pics of the event (Courtest of Quinn Lum, AEP)

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