Monday, April 6, 2009

National Interschool Wushu Competition- Day 4

Today is Day 4 of our competition,
Our boys were scheduled for quite a number of events.

First up, was Lee Jing Wei from C-Div who participated in the Spear 1st International Routine.

Jingwei managed to place 3rd for this event- Yay, you get to play computer for one whole week, hahaha!

Next, our B-Div anchor man, Fung Jin Jie gave a fine solid performance today during the Broadsword 2nd International Routine:

Jinjie's maturity and hardwork has paid off and he achieved First Place with a score of 8.68! Well done!

Next we had another participant in the spear event, this time it was Samuel Tan in the 4-Duan Spear for C-Div:

Like so many other athletes who also gave their best, Samuel was unfortunately not able to place in Top 4- but that is the nature of competition. Boys, I value of you in the team because of who you are; not how many medals you win for the school.

Concurrently, with the 4-Duan Spear event was the 4-Duan Cudgel event for C-Div:
Kang Jie decided to participate in both Broadsword and Cudgel this year in order to complement his skills; rather than stick to doing just Taiji.
I must say that he has improved tremendously:

Although Kangjie didn't place in the event, Bernie Ang, who competed in the same event managed to place 2nd! Woots!
But as I was covering the Spear event for Samuel, I wasn't able to get footage of Bernie- sorry!

Well, it may seem to my readers that I'm using the following phrase alot ".... although xxx tried his best, but he didn't place in Top 4.... but we are happy with his progress"
Some of you may wonder whether this is just a token phrase of encouragement to those of you who 'didn't make it'; but let me assure you it is not.
As I mentioned above, in VS, we value your presence in the team for who YOU are; and not for the amount of medals you bring in.

The difference may not seem obvious to you young guys now but I'm sure your parents will understand the following words perfectly:
If you win a medal for VS in competition, I'm sure you'll feel the pride at having contributed to medal to our competitive efforts.

But for me, it is the day I see you graduate and move on to JC, or Poly, or wherever; and yet come back to help train your juniors and still be part of the team, that is when my heart swells with pride for each and everyone of you here because then I know that the practice of martial arts for you all here in VS is not about winning medals or being number one in competition-- It is then that I say with pride that in training in VS Wushu brings out the best in you and makes you something more.

That boys, is my pride in you and it is worth more than gold.

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