Friday, April 3, 2009

National Interschool Wushu Competition- Day 3

Today was day three of our competition and for our team, it was all the taiji events.

We began the day well with our first Gold medal of the competition by Ho Munyong in the C-Div 42-Step Taiji

Taiji sounds easy to most people because it's slow compared to the other forms of Wushu-but to those who do it, they know that it is a very technical event. Taiji is not just Changquan done slowly, it's mechanics are completely different. The 42-Step Competition form is a tough one to master

Our other athlete to attempt this was Tan Yuda from B-Div boys. Yuda learnt this routine in less than 3 months just so that our B-Div could also field one member in Taiji. Though he didn't place in the event, the Taiji crash course has helped him improve tremendously in his Group Event. (Don't have footage of his even cos I was on a secret mission at that time. Yup, Yuda is sworn to secrecy for the time being)

Our other C-Div boys did competed in the simplified 24-Step Taiji
They both showed a great improvement from last year.

Ang Kang Jie improved this year, showing better stability and fluidity. He was tied for 4th place with a score of 8.05 but final resolution of the highest of and lowest discarded score placed him at 5th. Nevertheless, I am happy to see his improvement.
You can reference this clip with last yeat's competition clip to see his improvement.

Next, was our mischievous little baba hero, John Png. John too has shown good improvement. However, he still needs to polish his fluency and fluidity in the Taiji.
However, his focus and posture is a good improvement from last year. Doing taiji has also helped John in his general movement and I'm sure you'll get to see this in his Group events:

So although we've tasted success with our first Gold medal today, let us not be complacent and push on
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We'll be up early tomorrow for training as usual.
Come on boys, we're only half-way through!
Monday, we continue our fight to challenge ourselves to greater excellence!


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