Saturday, March 14, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Touring ShiChaHai Sports School

After breakfast, we began touring ShiChaHai Sports School.

It is a impressive, modern facility with well provisioned space and equipment for the training of elite athletes.
Here we see the Sanda Tem (Full-Contact Fighters) Training

They are one of professional teams maintained and housed here at ShiChaHai. These are basically members of the Beijing Sanda Team

Another professional team housed on the campus is the Boxing Team. Those were the guys we saw doing their early morning laps. Here we see their training arena:

There is also a well-equipped modern gym that is open to public on weekends.

Next we saw one of the wushu training groups in the basement of the stadium. Their training areas are really well thought out and are structured to all for viewing by public as well as provisioned with lots of space.

This is one of the training areas we will have the priviledge to train in during the days to come.

But what really showed us the toughness and resiliency of the students here was witnessing the children's gymnastics class.
Their discipline and hard-work without complaint at that age is really something we need to emulate

Just look at the end of the clip and you can see the young boys holding themselves in handstand position on their own.

Hope this will inspire our boys to perservere and train hard in the week to come.

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