Saturday, March 14, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Day 1)

Today the VS Wushu Team left for Beijing on the start of our intensive training in Beijing.

Although there were some last minute hiccups at the airport, with the help and assistance of our ever supportive parents, we managed to retrieved passports that were mixed up, clear customs with our load of wushu weapons- I even got fed McDonalds by a caring parents while waiting for the tedious process of customs to clear.

And just when we thought everything was ok, we discovered a pair of scissors in one of the boys hand carry luggage. Somemore Hello Kitty scissors
I think the customs officer also blur- not sure whether to laugh or scold us.
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But thereafter we boarded the plane without incident and we arrived at Beijing safely after a 5.5 hour flight. We were lucky to have a tail-wind behind us and touched down in their new airport. Temperature was a low of Zero degrees but I got the boys to put on their jackets already.
We can see them eagerly moving off to the bus here!

Tired but excited we move off towards our accomodations

Tommorrow we wake up bright and early and will update all with pictures of our hotel at International Plaza and the sports school facilities.
Good night!

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