Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Visit to Great Wall)

Today, we are at the mid-point of our training trip to Beijing. Another couple of days and we will be back home.

But no trip to Beijing, China would be complete without visiting the Great Wall.

It was a long and difficult climb with inclines of close to 80 degrees on some slopes but our boys pushed on gamely

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At the top of our climb:
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Here we see, Coach Loh and Coach Di fighting it out to reach the top of our climb :)
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Here you see Master and student, fighting for tradition and our heritage
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I'm also getting some pointers here from Big Brother, Di Guangwen:
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All 3 Coaches at the end of our climb (there is more to go but if we continue to climb, by tommorrow also cannot finish)
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Through the entire climb, due respect must go to Coach Loh, our oldest member. He's close pushing to 60 and yet he was ahead of all of us on the climb up and the climb down. Shows that the hard work training he put in in his youth to perfect his art and skill has been kept with him till now.

So to all the boys, now that you have finished your climb up the Great Wall, you are considered 'Heroes' 好汉

So B-Division older boys, lead your juniors to greater heights of excellence:
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C-Div boys, strive to keep the tradition alive and to match up to the example set by your seniors, always seeking to surpass them.
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Train hard, work hard and perservere
but before that I will allow you all to take a short nap on our way back:)
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