Monday, March 16, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Beijing Duck @ Quan Ji De)

Tonight, I treated the boys to Beijing Duck at Quan Ji De.
It's a long standing establishment open since 1864!

It's a traditional Beijing dining house where you can have your meal and enjoy cultural performances at the same time.
Here, we see the art of tea pouring- a unique performance where the simple act of serving tea is transformed into a demonostration of skill and finese--- looks a lot like wushu too, right?

Of course, the dinner would not be complete without Beijing Duck, right?
So here, we go with our Beijing Duck served piping hot to our table!

Quan Ji De prides itself so much on the authenticity of the duck it serves, that each roast comes with a certificate! Yup, a cert for eating a duck.
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Wah... Shiok sia... now you know what the original taste like, you won't settle for anything less.
Go back Singapore, when I eat Katong Laksa, I'm gonna ask them for cert too!

Our dinner was graced by the presence of several dignitaries from the martial arts community.
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Seated at the extreme right, we see my own teacher and one of our VS Coaches, Dr Loh Poh Swee. On the extreme left, we can see our other VS Coach, Di Guang Wen.

Next to him is Mdm Mi Jin Pei, a senior student of Master Sun Zhi Jun, seated next to her on the right. Master Sun is the lineage holder of Chen-Style Bagua and has come to Singapore on several occasions to teach and hold seminars. I spent some time learning the Bagua Pen from Mdm Mi but my clumsiness made it difficult for me to become competent in it-- have to work harder now :)

Next to Master Sun, we have Master Wang Shang Zhi and his wife.
Master Wang and his brother, Wang Shang Xin are lineage holders of the Yin-Style of Bagua. A group of adults were priviledged to be taught by him and his brother while they were in Singapore. During a reccent competition, one of the members in our informal training group, Lawrence Lee performed the Yin Fu Bagua form and recieved a Gold medal for his award. On behalf of Lawrence and all the other students, I presented the Gold medal to Master Wang and his brother in honor of their generous teaching.

The boys came in to greet the various elders and teachers and spent some time talking to them. It is good for the younger generation to get to know the elders well- it is only through this constant building of rapport that we can bridge the generation gap and ensure that the art flourishes on into the next generation.

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