Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VS Wushu Team: Beijing Training Trip (Day 6)

Today morning, we woke up bright and early at 6.30am
Yup 6.30am
Yes, it's not a typo. All our cheeky VS boys woke up right on time at 6.30am to go for morning jog here in the cold morning.

The boys are starting to push themselves more independently now. Yesterday, we put in an extra one hour after dinner and some of them even stayed back to train on their own as well as coming to my room to work with me and Coach Loh.

They were equally ready to wake up early this morning for an early run. We did a few laps around the track and worked on some basic warm-up exercises.
We also wanted them to work on team-work and co-operation. Here they are doing jumping jacks without counting so that they can build team-awareness.

After our morning run today, we had a hardy breakfast and proceeded for training.
We have been working hard on our Group Routines, today we all focused on our Individual Routines.

We can see great improvement from all the boys- even those who are not competing in Individual routines are pushing themselves by revising their own material and forms.

We are now halfway through our training journey and the boys are doing well.
Some minor blisters and discomfort, some have sore throat and slight fever but between me and Coach Loh, our certified Chinese Physician, all are doing fine now.

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