Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks Boys!!!

It's been a trying few weeks coming to the end of Term

I've been setting and marking Pre-Lim 2 papers for the GCE PE class, had to submit their coursework on time, had to weather some trying times for my family.

But when I came back on Wed, I was pleasantly surprised to see the layout of the rock garden changed. We've had the rock garden in the hostel for awhile now and every now and then I get different groups of boys to landscape it to add colour to our 'turf'

But Wed's layout was a sweet surprise for me:

That was so touching- especially coming from boys. That the 'gang' actually bothered was a heartwarming sign.

But that's not all, plastered to my door were some really well-made cards:

One of them was made by the Vietnamese scholars and it seems that my birthday is the same day as Vietnam's Independence Day! Hahaha

The other card was made by the rest of the 'mini Mafia' gangsters under me:

Ok before you all go call the police and report, we're talking about Facebook's "Mafia Wars" application here.
Yup Don Siow's Mafia gang in facebook is growing day by day and we are set to take over New York, Cuba and Moscow soon!

Thank you all boys, really.
Da Boss is very touched

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