Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Teachers Day

Today, we celebrated Teacher's Day in VS

Of the many performances, the most outstanding one was the Thriller tribute by the Prefects.

It was absolutely hilarious.

I was waiting happily at the end of this clip to film so of our teachers that kena sabo to come up on stage; but life is unpredictable. You know why there is no video of that? Cos I also got chio-ed by the boys to go up.

Despite my protests that the only form of dancing I knew was Lion Dancing, the boys persisted and I ended up on stage clowning around.

But hey, life is short; let's enjoy ourselves while we can.
So altough I gamely strutted around and flail my limbs about enthusiastically, you'll find no clips of me dancing on stage-- (if any of you boys snuck out your handphones to capture my embarrassing moment, for the love of god and all that is good, please delete it)

But kudos to Mr David Lee and Mr Daniel Tan- Man, they Rock the house cos they got the moves!

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