Monday, August 24, 2009

VS C-Div Soccer 2009

Like their B-Div seniors, the C-Div boys showed what they were made of by meeting our esteemed rivals, Sports School in the C-Div soccer finals.

Having had training outside school, I rushed down late to realise that we were trailing 1-0. However, within minutes after I arrived, VS had scored the equalising goal. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, Sports School took the Championship with 3-1.

Here are some clips from the game:

Although, the announcer attempted to comfort the VS boys by mentioning that 'at least we managed to score one goal'; I would like to remind the VS boys that we all know that you can take them. Put the pressure on and next year come back stronger- never underestimate your opponent but neither be intimidated by mere dint of their reputation.

Strength lies in perserverence and in the belief that you are something more.


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