Monday, January 12, 2009

Release of GCE O-Level Results for 2008 batch

Today was the release of the GCE O-Level results. It was with bated breath that the entire cohort of 2008 eagerly waited for the arrival of our Principal, Mr Low.
The results of their seniors in 2007 had been one of the best in the past 10 years and the class of 2008 were eager to know if they were able to fill the shoes of their seniors

When Mr Low went up to announce the breakdown of distinctions and results compared to the national average, we could all feel the buzz. I will not spoil it for you, so click on the video to hear it from the man himself, our Principal, Mr Low:

We definitely have done well this year! To all the naysayers and wet-blankets that have hinted or implied that 2007's results were a fluke and that VS' future as a premiere BOY's school was in doubt, we can now proudly stake our claim and shout it out for all to hear that VS is here to stay. 2007 was no fluke, 2008 isn't by luck but through sheer blood, sweat, grit and tears from teachers and students, we proved that we are indeed something more.

Here are some of the outstanding heroes of the class of 2008:

And here are the Top 3 Classes for 2008:

I must say that in my years in VS, I am seeing more and more, the better balancing of the Professional with the Sportsmen. For years, everyone knew we could play and play well; but often people doubted our academic capacity. Now we know and we can prove it, that the same fervour we have on the field of play, we can brind to the exam hall.

The mean L1R5 for the class of 2008 at Prelims was 16.9. We, the staff and teachers here in VS were worried and concerned but we believed in you and we gave you the best we could in hopes that all of you would flourish. The mean L1R5 for Class of 2008 is......

VS boleh- Boys, we can do it, yes, we can.
Nil Sine Labore

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