Monday, October 20, 2008

ASEAN Schools Tour 2008

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Today VS was priviledged to be part of 3 schools invited to attend the ASEAN Schools Tour where students were addressed by the Secretary General of ASEAN, His Excellence, Dr Surin Pitsuwan.

Dr Surin gave a very candid and insightful address to the audience. He highlighted that amongst all the ASEAN nations, Singaporean's youths were found to have the least knowledge and understanding of the workings and structure of ASEAN.
This could be in part due to the priviledge lives that Singaporean youths lead. However, it is a blessing that should not be taken for granted.
See clip below for an extract of Dr Surin's address:

After his addressm our VS boys participated in a quiz on facts about ASEAN, despite our luck, charm and personality we lost out to both ACJC and Cedar Girls.
20/10/2008 - Share on Ovi
Nevermind, we will be back next year!

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