Thursday, September 20, 2007

A mxi of East and West: Chinese Accupunture and Dj Mixing

Hi guys, as many of you know, part of my journey in martial arts also meant that I did quite a bit of TCM. Massage and accupunture were 2 arts I learnt in the old apprentice way.
It's always been quite a serious thing and I'm glad that I've been able to put some of it into practice with you guys when you're injured. But the follow video clip, takes the cake.

It's kinda funny and absolutely horrifying in its own way.
You guys pray and hope the PE office doesn't catch fire the next time I'm giving your fellas therapy.

The next clip shows 2 young Japanese kids Sara and Ryusei doing a mean turn-table DJ set.

Kind of interesting to see how Asian kids have taken to a "Western" adult/teen phenomenon and turned it into their verious of play time.
Cool right :>

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