Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sec 4 Graduation 2007 "一人一半"

Today was our Sec 4 Graduation Ceremony, we began the ceremony with a simple session in the school hall. Our principle presented
This year's organising Chairman, Mr Amir started a new tradition where Form Teachers presented their students with the cohort pennant and a specially made tie pin. First on stage, were our Head Prefect and Assistant Head Prefects, who were the first to receive their tie-pins and pennants.

After that, our Form Teachers took their turns to present the tie-pins and pennants to their Form Classes. We can see our Form Teacher's filled with the pride of seeing boys turn into men:

In the blink of an eye, 4 years have passed. In 2004, I took my first Sec 1 Class, now before I know it, they are all about to graduate.

This is Bryan Tan from my FIRST orientation camp. Byan came to my attention because he has skeletal dysplasia which resulted in stunted growth for him. His parents were concerned for him but also wanted him to participate fully in all our activities. Skeletal dysplasia may have stunted his limbs but I tell you that Bryan has a heart as big as any one else out there.

Look at him now! After four years in VS, he's gone through all our camps, become an outstanding member of the ELDDS and has taken bigger and larger steps than many other students his age. Bryan, to me you are a giant. You are everything we have hoped for and more and we are proud to be your teachers.

These are Weiliang and Earnest from Sec 1E in 2004, my first Form Class as Asst. Form Teacher with Miss Lim In Siew as Form Teacher. Time has really flown and I have seen first hand how these boys have matured.

Ahhh, my Vietnamese gang- You fellas have done VS, your families and your countries proud- all L1R5 below 10. I am glad at the way you have all improved in your English, I'm sure the books I confiscated from you all helped , right...

To Hin Kai, it has been a pleasure teaching you and also training you as a Camp Instructor. You were the ONLY Sec 3 to join the Sec 2's for CIC... that is an exception that is very difficult to make because each year we have very limited vacancies. But in 2006, there was one free slot so I was able to take in one more and I am glad that I made that exception for you. You proved your worth and the chance I took on you paid off. Well-done!
Ahh, North and Vincent, the 2 fellas that I believe had the record for the most severe case of detention and community service under me. But you promised me that you wanted a second chance and that you would do us proud-- in character and in studies. You were men of your word and your results- 7 points for Vincent and 6 points for North proved that you are men of character and capability. All those long talks that we had paid off, you did it-- all on your own, without taking any shortcuts or the easy way out.

From the scoldings, nagging, to 'talk-cock, sing-song' sessions, I seen many grow.
Some I've trained to be Camp Instructors, others have had long conversations with me on life, universe and other musings, some I have taught Literature to, some I taught PE- but whatever the level of our interaction, I am glad to have been a part of your lives boys.

This latest Xiao-Xiao Production video was inspired by our local film "881" (which I've featured elsewhere on this blog-check my archives)
The theme song "一人一半" or "Half to each of us" was very meaningful for me. In life, no one is complete in himself- it is the interaction with the people around us that makes us whole.

So as you graduate from VS guys, I wish you all the best in the future. Here's the video we presented at your graduation ceremonby today. Enjoy!

I guess one of the graduating boys summed it up beautifully in the "Voices of Victoria" when he said "When we are in Victoria, we are proud of the school; When we are out of Victoria, we become the pride of the school.

Nil Sine Labore

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