Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Triumph of Saw Eh Tha Khu- aka Xiao Qiang !

Today, our VS Wushu Team sent Saw Eh Tha Khu to participate in another invitational Wushu Sanshou Free-Sparring event.

Although, Saw is originally from Myanmar and doesn't speak Chinese- he has trained hard in both Wushu and Sanshou with the theme and over come the language barrier to persevere in training.

Today's competition for intended to talent spot athletes for centralised training in Sanshou. Despite it being Saw's first competitive match, we are proud to that he won it 2-1


In China, we gave him the nickname 小强. Let us cheer him on to train harder and live up to his Chinese name!

小强, 加油!!!!

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