Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Victoria School's new Indoor Sports Hall

After close to 9 months of construction, our much awaited Indoor Sports Hall is finally up.
Currently, only supervised activities are allowed in the hall as there is still some construction going on but PE lessons have started to use the hall already.

The structure of the hall has left us with a covered open-space where the old basketball court used to be and a multi-purpose playing area on the second level.

THe ground level open-space is currently line with synthetic flooring (courtesy of Mr Amir!) and boys are already making good use of it for futsal as well as other sports. We will be installing hoops and backboards soon, so basketballers please be patient and you'll soon be able to play there!. Here we see 4J having futsal during their PE lessons:

The second level has been set-up primarily as a volleyball court and will see shared used between the volleyball and wushu CCA. However, court markings have been made for badminton, handball and basketball as well. The installation of retractable backboards also allows basketball to be played there as well.
Here we see how some of the classes make used of this shared space during PE.

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