Thursday, March 4, 2010

Athletic Standard Test- Sec 1F

We're coming to the end of Term 1 and our Sec 1F boys have been running, jumping and throwing their way through the various PE lessons!

Like all boys, they can be really mischievous-- Just take a look at Maverick in his High Jump attempt today:

But their class spirit and enthusiasim is contagious- you can see how they cheer each other on to reach greater heights!

They also constantly surpise me with their never say die attitude when even the heavier boys give their 110% and successfully clear heights that other Sec 1 classes can't. Here we see Qi Long proving that size does not matter, rather it's the never-say-die spirit that conquers all:

Inspired by Qi Long's success, even our smaller boys were determined to challenge themselves. Here we see Leonard proving this height is no obstacle for him too!

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