Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nerf Mission Zone

This being the last day of the holidays, I decided to make the best use of my time and recharge. So big boys play with big toys
I signed up for the Nerf Mission Zone challenge at Plaza Singapura -supposed to go with Red Shirts but you boys pang seh me and never show up:(
The site was set up with the large playing zone and a host of new nerf products

Can see more details on the site set up at SG NERF

Basically, players go in pairs into an obstacle course filled with assorted targets You are given 7 mins to shoot down various targets using a variety of Nerf guns. Top 5 scorers each day go on to the finals

Here we see one pair of players going through the last station:

Well, how did I fare?
I did my course in 3min 23sec and score 1100 pts to place squeeze in the 5th position for top 5 for the day! Woohoo

Unfortunately, after taking some time to shop at Plaza Sing, by the time I got back to the leaderboard, I had been edged out by some kid with 1110 pts.
*sigh* relegated.

But man, it was good fun!
Now I have to figure a way to hide the new CS-6 Clear Deploy Blaster I bought there from the wife..... sssshhhh.

Ah, I know... I will say it is for baby....

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