Friday, July 23, 2010

Boarders Supper & Drum Jam


Yesterday, Mr Su and I organised one of our regular suppers for the boarders under our charge.

We also had a small surprise for everyone. With the help of Harri and Kim Hwe from the band, we started a simple drum groove going as the boarders came in for supper:

Harri and Hwe (both drummers in the band) helped me by establishing simple bass lines for the rest to follow and we began by establishing simple patterns and echoes:

As more and more boys started to stream in, the rhythm settled into its own groove and I got out of the way to let them explore the beat while I met with other boarders to sign some administrative forms for the coming heath check

With more students coming in, I got those without instruments to engage in clapping (we keep the drums minimal for this session and had mostly hand percussions cos it was at night and we wanted to keep the volume under control) Once the clappers had joined in, the groove was quite mature and I begin a series of call and responses with them:

In the end, between we were able to keep a steady beat going which had some spontaneous variations arising on their own:

Having students from different countries coming together in hostel and creating a common beat and enjoying fellowship over supper was a great experience. It could not have occured at a better time because today we celebrate Racial Harmony Day in school. So Victorians, let us keep this unite together in our common bonds of friendship and share the spirit with everyone!

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