Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prelude to Veloci-T

Tomorrow we begin Veloci-T 2010 "Legacy"
Veloci-T stands for Victoria Enhanced Leadership and Outdoor Camp Instructors Training.
It's the fusion of the Camp Instructors Course conducted by the PE Dept and the Student Leadership Course conducted by the Pupil Development Dept.

Through the year's, we've constantly sought to refine the camp and with Veloci-T in its third year as a unified training program, we've incorporated several changes. Last year, we introduced the Kouze and Posner, Leadership Challenge as a framework on which to base our training activities.
This year we have further refined the modules to bring out these themes.

We also brought back the coastal navigation element where the boys kayaked and rafted from East Coast to Changi Coast Adventure Campsite.

Today, we prepped for the camp by begining the intial phase by transporting the kayaks and rafts to VS to prepare for tomorrows event.

Many thanks to our partners and stakeholders from Griffin Kinetic Logistcs who generously supported us with their transport services to enable us to achieve this massive endeavour of 30 double kayaks, 2 dinghys, as well as the paddles and life vests.

Thanks to Mr Salleh from Griffin Kinetic for his patience and help.

Here's how we got it done:

This being my last year with VS, I'm sure the next few days will be a time to cherish and remember.

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