Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sec 3 Camp @ KOREF 2008

The Sec 3 cohort had our annual Overseas Adventure Camp at KOREF: Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm.

When we arrived at KOREF, some of the more adventurous teachers were led by our Senior Camp Operator for a small tour round the place. Frank was a rare breed, he was part of the first batch of officers in the Singapore Armed Forces and his knowledge of nature and field crat
Here we are at beginning our tour of the various organic farm plots at KOREF:

Have you ever wondered how a dragon fruit is grown? Well, it's actually grown on a concrete post- see here:

We even got to see the ducks that were responsible for the 'organic' fertiliser used in farm:

You can find more about KOREF at Edu Outdoor's website by clicking here.

Having been on a number of overseas camps and trekked up a variety of mountains, I must say that the trek up Mount Lambak during this camp was one of the most challenging. Especially since I had to leave the camp late and had to catch up with everybody after they had already departed.
It was quite unnerving climbing up alone and then realising that the path in front forks into two! Luckily for me, our Victorians made their presence felt even in the huge mountain and from their cheers and songs, I could easily locate them.

Here we are with 3A crossing a suspension bridge at the final stage of the descent:

My Form Class, Sec 3B was also bonding strongly. The raft building session was hilarious with our never say die attititude, as we attempted time after time to launch the rafts and stay afloat on them.

There were many great moments of teamwork and bonding in the camp amongst the students. Unbeknownst to many of you, we teachers, also had our own specific team-building and problem solving sessions.

Problem: How to get coconut from coconut tree
The following video is not for the faint hearted.
It shows our HOD of PE Mr Maran in a most compromising position, aided and abetted by the man with the serious demeanour Mr Tan Chong Kiat and Mr Su Rong Hua, our fresh new-comer of the year.

Problem: Got coconut already, now how to get coconut water
Ever since I brought my military shovel to Mawaii for Veloci-T, I have been teased endlessly by Maran, Sng and gang.

Ah.... but without the shovel, we cannot get coconut water, you know.
and Sng, no the shovel does not bounce back when you chop the coconut with it.


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