Friday, March 28, 2008

VS SOAS School Twinning Program 2008- Visit by Pg Zahari and presentation of ICT Prizes

Today, Mr Low formally welcomed Pg Zahari, Principal of SOAS College to Victoria School.
Principal Zahari came to join his students and teachers here later on the 26th Mar

Both principals were on hand to give out the prizes for the joint group projects that were done. The boys created electronic greeting cards to celebrate International Friendship Day.

When we were in Brunei, our SOAS counterparts gave us a fascinating demonstration of Jawi calligraphy.
Today, it was our turn to return the favour by having some of our talented PRC scholars give them a demonstration of Chinese Calligraphy.

Here we see Miss Jenny Tan with a couplet presented to her by Mr Wang Jun and our PRC scholar, Jing Xing.

It reads "海内存知己,天涯若比邻"- meaning, that as long as when we have achieved true friendship and understanding, even though we are separated by distance, we will be close together in heart and mind.

Indeed, it is apparent from the close ties that are developing between VS and SOAS college that we will be embarking on more common journies ahead.

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