Friday, May 9, 2008

GCE PE Revision Session

Sorry for being late for PE remedial today- got held up at the German embassy.
We have 4 main topics to cover for the coming Mid-Year Exams in PE
3)Mental Skilss & Motivation

We covered topics 1-3 today with the guys that waited patiently for me to come back.
On Monday 12th , after History paper, will conduct a second session of remedial at 1000am.

Monday's itinerary is:
- Fitness
- Revision Quick Quiz
- Video Analysis Practice

Meet at Flexsi Room (Gentleman Room 1)
Do the following preparation over the weekend:
1) Revise textbook- (According to the topic index I gave out to your all yesterday)
2) Revise notes
3) My powerpoints are available on LMS as well

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