Thursday, April 24, 2008

National Inter-School X-Country Championships

Yesterday, VS gather together to bring the undeniable, unforgettable and unstoppable VS Spirit to CCAB to cheer our X-Country boys on.

Here, we see the C-Div boys being flagged off.

It was an anxious finish for us as the various competing runners were all spread out amongst each other. We knew we had a chance of being in the Division top 4 but we coulnd't be sure till the end.

You can see the determination and grit on their faces as our boys ran their hearts and souls out for VS.

Next came the B-Div Boys.

At the end of the race, our calculations seem to indicate that VS might only emerge 2nd despite our best efforts. Yet, word from the grapevine was that we were first in the B-Div. The conflicting news from various sources made us all anxious for the final results. It would all boil down to our fourth runner Lim Han Ren who would be the determining factor:

But just as the results were about to be announced, the skies opened and it began pouring with rain.
Yet, we braved the rain and waited patiently for the results.
The wait was not in vain when it was finally confirmed that C-Div boys had managed to retain our Top 4 position by coming in 4th; but the declaration that VS had clinched the B-Division Championship by a mere 2 points gave us a sense of pride and emotion that it had all been worth it.

Red Sports has covered this event. Please click here and follow the link

Our boys had this to say today:
"We all fall down in life at one time or another, but it is the champion who crawls his way up and comes back stronger for the experience"

Nil Sine Labore

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